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Hello! Thank you so much for visiting BeeBaby Boutique! My name is Alyssa Dolynchuk, and my little family has recently relocated to Edmonton, AB from Martensville, SK. While pregnant with my daughter, I loved to shop! But as I shopped, I began to notice that each of the stores carried the same, uninspiring, big name brands as the one before it. The shopping thrill quickly died off. I created BeeBaby Boutique to break out of this rut, and encourage not only innovative and exciting products and styles,  but also to help promote local and responsible family businesses like mine! Many of the products I sell were designed by moms like me, who inspired to be different!


Proud to be different! Proud to be Canadian! and Proud to be located right here in Edmonton, Alberta! Thanks for visiting us! 


Questions/Comments? Contact me anytime, alyssa@beebabyboutique.ca